The possibilities behind Galital and Fractional NFTs

The possibilities behind Galital

Today, we want to speak a little bit about how Galital is a game-changer for some industries like video games and see the many opportunities that Galital will bring with his ecosystem to empower creators and players with true ownership and benefits.


The Factory

With the Factory, we want to facilitate the creation of NFTs for creators. For game creators, the factory will be an efficient way to mint NFTs with great control over stats, rarity, creator fees, and quantity with very low minting fees. This way, the large production of NFTs will be simplified and allows game developers to produce as much as needed in a short amount of time and with reduced minting costs. Less time and cost to mint, more time and budget to do what matters the most: the game.

That is the very first empowerment that brings Galital to any creator. Keep things straightforward. Creators need to spend their time creating, not to struggle with blockchain stuff.

The Forge: Fractional NFTs and Sharding

This is one of the most important and awesome features of Galital. With the forge, anyone will be able to break their NFTs into shards.

You wonder what does that means and what could be the use case of this?

Let’s stick to the video game industry and see a small glimpse of possibilities offered by Sharding. Take an MMORPG where players will be able to own a piece of land and put buildings on it. Without sharding, a player will only can bough an entire land on the marketplace.

Standard NFT: The land is owned by only 1 player

If the game has a low supply, land could be priced very high and only a few people with a heavy bag will be able to afford it. It will be reserved for only a small number of players and will create disparity. And we agree that kind of stuff in an MMO (literally Massively Multiplayer) will not be massively owned by players.

Fractional NFT: The land was melted into 16 shards. Now, this land is owned by 12 players

Instead of having one player own land, we now have multiple numbers of players owning together a land. And this is all about true MMO games, owning together as players. You can even expand sharding further like shared ownership between guild members. Instead of having only the guild master own the guild land, each member could own a share of the land according to their rank. For example, the Guild Master could own 3 shares, the 2 Officers 2 shares, and all members 1 share. Thanks to this, all members would be able to enjoy the perks of owning a land defined by the game developer.

Fractional NFT is a true game-changer to video games and especially to earn games. With Galital, it’s even easier to play and earn together.

The market: Borrow and Lending

Another very important feature of Galital is the ability for people to borrow and lend NFT. That can be applied to NFT or even Fractional NFTs. If you want to enjoy the perk of owning land a couple of times for example, but you can’t afford to buy one of your own, you can use the renting system to get NFTs for a defined amount of time.


One player lends his NFT for 30 days to another one

On another hand, if you own some items that you don’t currently use and you don’t want to sell them (because you may need them maybe later) you can enjoy an extra reward thanks to lending.

Galital borrow and lending system unlock a vast amount of possibility for a user to enhance their use of NFTs

Thanks to all the Galital community and the digital artists who are hopping on board.

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