Galital May 2021 Development Update: Governance,Bounties, Treasury and more.

The Galital team has been very active since the last medium post. There are now two bounty events running, test network is live, the first NFT has been created, and the governance has been implemented. The Galital social networks are growing daily, from discord to being featured in PolkaDot news. Many great things are happening in the Galital Galaxy, now is the time to participate and get in on the action.


By participating in the two contests you will earn $TAL for every mission completed. As you finish missions you will learn about Galitals ecosystem and how the blockchain operates.

For an updated list of active bounties visit

Participation is very simple, follow the links below.

Start with :

“ Earn Free $TAL ”

Then follow the tutorial above to run a validator!

“ Run a Validator “

Governance Update and Testnet:

  • Governance
  • The treasury
  • Smart contracts
  • Asset creation (tokens)
  • Decentralized bounties
  • Staking
  • NFTs pallets

Since the update of the Governance, more than twenty validators have come and staked their $RTAL on the testnet and many nominators have taken part in the test version.

The first transactions on the testnet have been successfully validated, and smarts-contracts can be deployed on the chain without any problems.

The NFTs palette has been successfully coded in the node and it is now possible to upload these NFTs to the testnet.

We invite you all to take part in the testnet version, which is the reason for these bounties.

We would love as many Galital members as possible, whether you are computer literate or not. Our goal is for everybody to be able to participate in the Galital network in one way or another. Join the Discord to find out more.

Our First NFT has Been Minted

First NFT has been minted on the testnet with the Galital dashboard 🥳

The first Galital NFT will be for sale to the public on the Galital dashboard in the very near future. Stay tuned to receive all the information!

The Governance of Galital

What is governance?

For example, through its democracy:

Any $TAL holder can submit his/her candidacy to the council and take part in the democracy.

You can submit proposals for the good of the community or vote on various proposals that are submitted by the community. Participation from the community is very important.

The treasury is another important part of Galitals governance system as the community will have access to funds, this will help support projects in the future.

The treasury will be fed by 20% of the total transaction fees of the Galital chain, the other 80% will be given as a reward to the validators because they produce the blocks and validate the transactions.The totality of the network fees of the Galital marketplace will go directly to the Galital Treasury, making the governance a very important aspect of the Galital ecosystem. Participation from like minded individuals will foster growth built from the ground up. We welcome you to join the Galital community!

A special Shout-Out to all those who have supported the Galital project so far 🙏

Thanks to And

Thanks to all the Galital community and the digital artists who are hopping on board.

If you want to learn more about Galital you can find more information on our

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You can always find members of the Galital team on discord come and be part of the community!

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