The possibilities behind Galital

Today, we want to speak a little bit about how Galital is a game-changer for some industries like video games and see the many opportunities that Galital will bring with his ecosystem to empower creators and players with true ownership and benefits.


The Factory

With the Factory, we want to facilitate the creation of NFTs for creators. For game creators, the factory will be an efficient way to mint NFTs with great control over stats, rarity, creator fees, and quantity with very low minting fees. This way, the large production of NFTs will be simplified and allows game developers to produce…

The Galital team has been very active since the last medium post. There are now two bounty events running, test network is live, the first NFT has been created, and the governance has been implemented. The Galital social networks are growing daily, from discord to being featured in PolkaDot news. Many great things are happening in the Galital Galaxy, now is the time to participate and get in on the action.


We have launched two contests that are already online “Earn Free $TAL” and “Run a validator”

By participating in the two contests you will earn $TAL for every mission…

As of 4 April 2021, Galital has joined the Polkadot testnet “Rococo” as a parachain.

Thanks to all the new members for joining the community!

Since our integration, many advances have been made, from the back-end of the Standalone node, to the development of the front-end of the MVP dashboard of our marketplace.

The Galital team wants to work with its community and share the progress made with the greatest possible transparency.

First of all, here are some explanations about the development of the Galital Standalone node and how it works, for those who want to know more about the…

Galital plans to be one of the first NFTs marketplaces that will be part of the Polkadot ecosystem. The interoperability and cross chain communication will be fast, secure, and inexpensive.The basis of the Galital project and its marketplace are fractional ownership and being able to lend and borrow NFTs. This will give the owners a unique opportunity to create passive income. Galital is still in the very early stages of development, but it is already live on the Rococo testnet.


Similar to a traditional NFT marketplace, you can buy and sell on the open market. On top of this…


Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Lending and cross-chain bridge built on @Polkadot

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